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Welcome to the World of Occult Sciences at Skyp

We expertise in the fields of Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Career and Personal Counselling which we call at Skyp as an eternal phenomenon for changing lives.

The origin of this eternal phenomenon dates back to at least 2nd Millennium BCE. But the progression of astrology and a deeper study, gave a broader view of different segments in it. Numerology and Vaastu Shastra are the mystic branches of that extensive knowledge which comes from our ancestors.


Our Vision:

At Skyp we believe in three important notions:

  • Every problem has a solution: You are at the right place, where your problem will be identified and worked on it, to provide the precise solution
  • Confidentiality is a delicate bargain of trust: We believe that every story is so important and has integrity attached to it. And so, we ensure 100% confidentiality for all that you discuss with us.
  • To Mentor is to touch a Life forever: Everyone needs a Mentor to show the righteous paths in their Lives and we promise the best at Skyp.

With these notions we build our Vision to create betterment in every individual through the best we can confer from the knowledge and experience we possess.